Bring forth the tale of dicks
and the folly of a grande symphony




When Michael Jackson gets woke up for school
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Yay for selfsun!!! I love these ladies so much 💜💛💜💛


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Commissioned work for areyoutryingtodeduceme! Deputy!Derek and Baker!Stiles AU being stupid to each other. And since I’m also stupid have something more.




what am i doing

hope u liked my commission and im so so r   r    y

THIS IS EVERYTHING IVE EVER DREAMED OF AND MORE! You are so incredible, thank you for bringing my trashy AU fantasies to life *______*

Holland Roden for Teen Vogue.

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↳ STEREK WEEK • Friday: Sterek AU (+ Color Me Sterek)
#29 + “apples” requested by anonymous
"Everyone is in high school (& alive) AU" - 1/?

"I like apples."

Of all the things he could have said, all the things he wanted to say - he had a plan and it was such a good plan - he chose ‘I like apples’.
It’s not like he can be blamed, though, because you can’t just walk over to Stiles Stilinski while the kid is pressing those pink lips of his against the polished skin of an apple and sinking his teeth into it when there’s other skin that definitely requires the same treatment far more.

Alright. Stop. See, that’s the point!

He doesn’t know anything else to say the moment he reaches the table where Stiles Stilinski is sitting with his friends. Who are clearly judging him now.
This is all Kira’s fault. She told him to just ‘go and ask him out, Derek, because this drooling - literally - all over our history project needs to stop now!’ in her cutest passive-aggressive whisper voice while cleaning her notebook.
And he doesn’t even need to see her face to know that she’s about to spit all over their homework from laughing right now. Best friends are the worst.
"Maybe we should leave you two-", says Lydia Martin - somewhere between dry-wit and disgust, probably - and it looks like Stiles is going to jump over the table to stop her and the others from standing up, flailing and with a not so quiet "OH MY GOD!”.
He really knows how to get everyone’s attention. No, seriously, it’s like the whole schoolyard is looking at them.
"… alone."

Derek will hit himself with his basketball until his head falls off.